Dog Trailers

Designed for increased flexibility, Allquip’s Dog Trailers are a great alternative to semi tankers. Allquip’s tanks are designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment ensuring more time in the field.

Features include:

  • Capacity up to 15,000lt,
  • Pipework is galvanised for longevity,
  • Diesel, petrol or hydraulic pump,
  • Range of spray head options,
  • Poly or stainless mudguards,
  • Heavy duty under run bar,
  • BPW Axle,
  • ABS or EBS braking system,
  • Chassis has polyzinc undercoat and powdercoat topcoat.
Truck & Dog
Features & Options
Roll Groove Spray
Batter Spray Options
  • 2″ x 3″ Roll Groove Mounted Sprays
  • Individually Actuated for Flexible Operation
  • Range of Spray Heads Available
Hose Reel
Hose Reel
  • Manual, Spring Retract, Electric or Hydraulic Hose Reel Available
Hose Racks
  • Checker Plate Hose Racks for Concealed Hose Storage
Safety Lighting
  • Traffic Authority Approved Lighting and Arrowboard.
  • Safety Beacon at Front or Rear of Truck.
Front Sprays
Spray Options
  • Front Sprays
  • Rear Sprays
  • Side Sprays
Pump Options
Pump Options
  • Petrol, Diesel & Hydraulic Options
  • Range of Pressures and Flows
  • Live Drive or Hotshift PTO for Hydraulic Pumps
Custom Designed Toolbox
  • Custom Designed Tool Boxes for Hose and Equipment Storage
  • Checker Plate Construction
  • Integrated Locks for Security
Gravity Fed Dribble Bar
Dribble Bar
  • 3″ Gravity Fed Dribble Bar
  • Removable End Caps for Easy Flushing
Top-Fill Funnel
Top Fill
  • Water Authority Approved Top Fill for Filling from Council Mains and Funnel for Filling From Standpipes.
  • 3″ Suction System for Filling From Dams and Creeks
Access Gantry
  • Safety Access Gantry
  • Fold-down Ladders for Access to Platform Available
Brass V-Jet Pressure Bar
Pressure Bar
  • 3″ Pressure Bar Fitted with Brass V-Jet Sprays
  • Removable End Caps for Easy Flushing
EXM Monitor
  • Front or Rear Mount Cannon
  • In-Cab Control for Ease of Use
  • Joystick or Radio Remote Control
Side Marker Lights
Side Marker Lights
  • LED Side Marker Lights
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