Dust Suppression Systems


Being an Arid Nation, control of dust in Australia is an ongoing issue in the effort to prevent erosion, health issues and onsite safety issues. While the requirements around dust control vary fromtruck and dog trailer state to state, dust suppression is commonly required in:

  • Road works
  • Construction sites
  • Quarries
  • Earthworks &
  • Mining

Dust suppression in Australia is primarily achieved through the application of water by a water cart either through pressurized sprays, water cannons, hose reels and gravity or v-jet spray bars.

Allquip is proud to have led the market for over 20 years in the design, construction and supply of water truck bodies, slide on tanks and bulk water tankers ranging in size from 1,000lt to 30,000lt.

Allquip mainly works with councils and the civil construction industries, providing industry specific truck bodies, to assist with the suppression and control of dust.

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