Frequently Asked Questions

At Allquip Water Trucks we seek to offer as much information as possible to our customers.
We welcome questions from existing and potential customers.
The following is a list of a few of the most common ones.
Of course you may have other queries so please feel free to call us or send an enquiry email.

What happens if tanks are not mounted correctly?

Apart from obviously not complying with vehicle regulations, an incorrectly mounted tank will result in several problems including damage to the tank structure (stress fractures, cracking etc.), damage to the subframe and truck chassis and possible load movement.


What about poorly designed tanks?

A poorly designed tank will almost always result in a heavier and possibly weaker tank. A heavier tank will result in reduced payload and decreased profits while a weaker tank will result in stress fractures and cracking often resulting in lost contracts, penalties and downtime.


Why do tanks need to be properly baffled?

Obviously a tank needs to be baffled to prevent excess surge during acceleration, braking and cornering however a poorly designed baffle system can be ineffective weaken the tank and shorten the usable life of the truck.


What is the long term result of cheap valves and fittings?

Cheap valves and fittings are cheap for a reason! Made from poor quality material they will not last as long as quality parts and therefore will need to be replaced increasing running costs and downtime.


Why should I use a certified bodybuilder?

By using a certified body builder you receive both the result of experience and ability. While anyone can build a ‘water truck’ not everyone has the knowledge needed to build a unit that will both last the distance and deliver a great experience.