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Fibreglass water transport tanks. 

Australian made for Australian conditions.

Our range of heavy-duty fibreglass water tanks are manufactured by an Australian company with over 40 years’ experience. The heat reflecting white gelcoat finish keeps internal temperatures to a minimum, and the black internal linings make the tank light-tight. With tank sizes available for any application, we utilise 3D CAD design and Trailer WIN software to ensure the tank is optimised for your vehicle.

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> Tank mounted to galvanised steel sub-frame for ultimate rust protection.

> Fully baffled to control liquid surge and sway with sectional drains through all compartments for automatic self-draining.

> Heat reflecting white gelcoat finish keeps internal temperatures to a minimum.

> Black internal linings make the tank light-tight, preventing algae growth and chemical degradation.

> Chemical residues are easily flushed out.

> Manufactured by an Australian company with over 40 years’ experience.

Choose a different tank material to compare the tank specifications.

Polyethylene   |   Steel   |   Aluminium   |   Fibreglass 

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More details about our heavy-duty Allquip fibreglass water tanks:

We design & manufacture fibreglass tanks for:

  • Water Trucks

  • Slip-On Tanks

  • Dog Trailers

  • Semi-Trailer Tankers

  • Fire Trucks


Standard fibreglass tank sizes:

  • 7,000Lt

  • 9,000Lt

  • 10,000Lt

  • 12,000Lt

  • 15,000Lt

Warranty information:

  • 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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