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Bulk water fire tankers purpose-built for use as firefighter support vehicles.

Known as the Mother Tanker, the Allquip bulk water support vehicle is used to supply water to the firefighter and striker trucks on the frontline. After more than 20 years' specialising in custom built water trucks, we understand the fire service's need for premium, heavy-duty bulk tankers.

Our fire tankers range from 3,000Lt to 26,000Lt, with a choice of tank material to suit the end-user's specifications. We offer various tank colours and signage options to compliment the service's existing emergency and firefighting vehicles.

For operators working in severe emergency situations, there is no option but to have the most reliable equipment available. With premium grade pumps, power driven cannons and firefighting rated hoses, the bulk water fire tanker is Allquip's elite custom built water tanker. 

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  • Extensively Tested - Allquip subjects all builds to a rigorous testing process to ensure the unit is in reliable working condition.

  • Load Distribution - 3D CAD and Trailer WIN software is utilised to ensure the water tank strength and weight distribution is perfectly balanced.

  • Tank Material - We’ve got the tank material you need, with a choice from high-impact Polyethylene, premium Steel or heavy-duty Fibreglass.

  • Fully Baffled - Ball or wall baffled systems fitted to all our tanks for reduced liquid surge and improved load stability during transit.

  • Tank Fill - Versatile fill options; self fill, hydrant fill or overhead gantry fill.

  • Rust Protection - All our frames and pipework are hot-dipped galvanised to counterpart the incredible lifespan of the tank.

  • Pump Options - Fitted with hydraulically driven pressure/transfer water pump.

  • Hose Reels - Power driven firefighting hose reels available.

  • Water Cannons - Power driven water cannon (monitor) options available.

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Choose your tank material to be directed to the tank specifications.

Polyethylene   |   Steel   |   Aluminium   |   Fibreglass

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We've got all the features you need in your next water tanker!

Beyond our standard tank and frame assembly, we offer various optional inclusions that provide you with a complete water truck solution. 


Optional Inclusions:

  • Front & Rear Sprays

  • Pressure, Dribble & Drop Bars

  • Electric & Manual Water Cannons

  • Diesel, Petrol & Hydraulic Pumps

  • Hose Reels & Hose Sets

  • In-cab Controls & Radio Remotes

  • Arrow Boards & Work Lights

  • Gantry Access & Safety Railings

  • Custom Storage Options

Your Allquip water truck will not only meet all of your unique requirements, but it will be capable of handling even the most challenging tasks.