How To Read A Pump Curve

How to read a pump curve
A pump’s performance depends on its horsepower, impeller size and shape. This information is displayed in graphs allowing engineers to calculate which pump is best suited to the application.

Pressure and Flow
All pumps generate a combination of pressure and flow. The flow rate is shown on the bottom Axis of the graph. The further left you move the greater the pressure the pump generates and the further right the greater the flow.

For the pump to move fluid, it needs to provide enough differential head to make up for head loss in the system. The head is measured in feet or meters and is shown in the vertical axis of the graph.

Reading the Graph
In the diagram below the red arrows show that a flow of 50gpm will give a head of 140ft.
If the head and flow are on or below the line the pump is sufficient.

Note: This publication is a guide only, please consult one of our engineers to discus your application

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