IPWEA Annual Conference

Allquip Water Trucks will be attending the IPWEA Annual Conference from the 10th to 12th October 2018. Look forward to catching up with all attendees!

Landscape Maintenance Truck

The Challenge Allquip was approached by a large landscaping company based in Sydney who needed a truck that was suitable for various applications including watering garden beds, new plants, large turf/lawn areas, cleaning road ways and BBQ areas. The Solution Allquip worked with the client to design a truck that had a range of equipment […]

Dust Suppression Systems

  Being an Arid Nation, control of dust in Australia is an ongoing issue in the effort to prevent erosion, health issues and onsite safety issues. While the requirements around dust control vary from state to state, dust suppression is commonly required in: Road works Construction sites Quarries Earthworks & Mining Dust suppression in Australia […]

What Are Water Trucks Used For

Water trucks serve many varied purposes around the world, however in Australia they are primarily used for Dust Control, Road Construction and Irrigation and Potable Water delivery. Water Truck’s differ from most trucks in that they are designed to carry a moving load not a solid one. As a result the tank sub frame and […]

How To Read A Pump Curve

How to read a pump curve A pump’s performance depends on its horsepower, impeller size and shape. This information is displayed in graphs allowing engineers to calculate which pump is best suited to the application. Pressure and Flow All pumps generate a combination of pressure and flow. The flow rate is shown on the bottom […]

How to Prime a Water Truck Pump

Priming a water truck or water cart pump before use is vital to preventing breakdowns and down time, particularly in relation to centrifugal pumps. Why is it necessary to prime a pump? Water truck pumps are only capable of pumping liquid, not gasses or vapors. For this reason the pump needs to be filled with […]

Allquip Partners With Volvo

Increased Capacity and Flexibility Allquip is again leading the market with innovative solutions to provide greater flexibility in fleet management and increased vehicle capacity. In mid 2016 Allquip was approached by a QLD Local Government Department to design and build a dust suppression unit with complex requirements and inclusions. Allquip worked with the Department to […]

Rockhampton Company Finds Water Truck Solution

A Rockhampton based Company was looking to replace their existing truck, with a new truck that was both flexible in application and had a tank that wouldn’t crack in the rough conditions in which they operate, and came to Allquip for the solution. Through consultation with the client and after drawing on a decades of […]

Take Advantage of the Instant Asset Write-off

Why not take advantage of the instant asset write off and upgrade your water truck with a quality cannon? Adding a cannon to your water truck has many advantages including an increased scope of work (some construction sites and mines don’t hire trucks without one), greater flexibility in dust suppression and greater water throw distance. […]

Flexibility For Contractors

We all know not everyone has an endless budget! That’s why we developed the D-Dust Range. Allquip has been supplying the construction industry with dust suppression units for over 10 years and the unit we’ve most commonly been asked for is one that is cost effective, reliable, and quick to load. The D-dust has all […]