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Spray Systems

Your water cart will be custom built with your choice of spray features. Allquip offers a complete range of water sprays; from our standard rear and front spray assembly, to high-powered water cannons and hose additions. We will manufacture the ideal spray system for the end-users working in your specific industry. 

Pump Options

Powering your water cart with premium quality, high-pressure water pumps. We use only genuine pumps, engines, and hydraulics in the construction of our water trucks. With a choice of petrol, diesel, hydraulic driven, or bare shaft models, Allquip has the pump option you need. 

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Safety Features

Access the tank with stairs, platforms and rails that comply with Australian standards. Add storage for signs or witches hats. Plus we offer electrical upgrades like beacons and hazard lights. Keep your operators safe at work with our  safety features.

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Looking for something specific?

Head to our downloads page for catalogues, flyers and spec sheets... All the info you need to help with your next water cart purchase.

All Features
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AWT_Features_Front Sprays.jpg
AWT_Features_Rear Sprays.jpg
AWT_Features_Adjustable Nozzles.jpg
AWT_Features_Hose Reels.jpg

Water Cannons

Front Sprays

Rear Sprays

Spray Nozzles

Hose & Reels

AWT_Features_Pressure Bar.jpg
AWT_Features_Dribble Bars.jpg
AWT_Features_Water Pumps.jpg
AWT_Features_Controls (2).jpg

Pressure Bars

Dribble Bars

Water Pumps

Controls & Remotes


AWT_Features_Gantry Access.jpg
AWT_Features_Arrow Boards (2).jpg
AWT_Features_Custom Storage.jpg
AWT_Features_Leg Sets.jpg

Gantry Access

Beacons & Lights

Arrow Boards

Custom Storage

Leg Sets

AWT_Features_Arrow Boards.jpg

Your Allquip water truck will not only
meet all of your unique requirements,
but it will be capable of handling even
the most challenging tasks.

No matter what industry you work in, we understand that water truck operators need dependable equipment to handle the unique conditions of their industry.

Our purpose-built water carts are custom made to your specifications with all the features you need. In addition to our standard tank and sub-frame assembly, we offer several optional inclusions that provide you with a complete water truck solution. 

Allquip utilise 3D CAD design and Trailer WIN software to ensure that the weight distribution of your new water cart is perfectly balanced, and we always use the highest quality, genuine components in the construction of all our water truck products.

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