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Poly water transport tanks. 

Australian made for Australian conditions.

Our range of premium polyethylene water tanks are a very economical water cartage option. Made from lightweight recyclable material, there are 19 different colour choices to suit your brand. Poly tanks will never rust, buckle, or tear! With tank sizes available for any application, we utilise 3D CAD design and Trailer WIN software to ensure the tank strength and weight distribution is perfectly balanced.

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> Poly tanks are a lightweight transport tank option, providing greater payload with less wear and tear on the vehicle.

> Made from fully recyclable, environmentally friendly material.

> Fully ball baffled to counter water surge during transportation, giving exceptional stability at all times.

> Poly tanks will never rust, even when used continuously for polluted or acidic water.

> Even in the harshest environments, poly tanks do not crack, buckle or tear.

> No need for spring and pivot mounting systems as poly tanks flex with the vehicle.

> Our poly tanks are approved potable grade water tanks.

Choose a different tank material to compare the tank specifications.

Polyethylene   |   Steel   |   Aluminium   |   Fibreglass 

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More details about our Allquip poly water tanks:

We design & manufacture poly transport tanks for:

  • Water Trucks

  • Slip-On Tanks

  • Dog Trailers

  • Semi-Trailer Tankers

  • Fire Trucks

  • Pressure Washer Trucks


Standard polyethylene tank sizes:

  • 1,000Lt – 15,000Lt Single Cell Tanks

  • 8,000Lt – 32,000Lt Modular Tanks

Warranty information:

  • 15-year warranty on all Poly tanks.