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47 More Water Truck Builds in 3 Months!

We’re headed towards the end of the year, after delivering 47 water carts in the third quarter!

Wait a minute - We’re past the third quarter already?!

Our Allquip team has been so busy churning out new water truck builds that we barely noticed it’s now October. We have built 28 water trucks, 14 slide-in tanks, 1 trailer unit, and 4 hooklift water carts between July and September.

▼ Take a look at a few of our featured builds ▼

Wollondilly Shire Council:

Multi-purpose water truck designed primarily for use in road maintenance and dust suppression. This poly tank build is also capable of supporting local fire services and is fitted with an Allquip Fire halo and wheel sprays for fire suppression.

Steel Civil Build:

Featuring a large pressed square steel water cartage tank, this civil construction build has a rear spray system, including 5x fully adjustable fan sprays, a v-jet pressure spray bar, and a spring retractable hose reel.

Mine Spec. Water Truck:

Safety is the first priority with this mine site water truck, featuring hi-vis markings, high mount taillights, and a rollover protection bar. This build also features 3x rear fan spray and a pneumatic water cannon with in-cab controls.

4x2 Allquip Stock Trucks:

This sleek build is one of our most popular water truck designs, featuring a 7,700Lt poly cartage tank. The drop deck galvanised frame holds the hydraulic water pump, manual hose reel, and all the pipework for the 3x rear fan sprays.

Muswellbrook Shire Council:

Another large capacity steel tank build, but this model features our low-profile elliptical steel shape. The rear spray system includes 2x standard batter sprays and 3x under mount adjustable fan sprays, plus a gravity fed / v-jet spray bar.

Head to our gallery for more build photos.

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