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Aluminium Tank Builds for NSW Transport

The three bright orange builds shown below are among several water trucks we have delivered to Transport for NSW in recent months.

Whilst these aluminium tank builds are very similar in construction, you might have noticed there are two different cab-chassis models featured in our project photos. Each of these builds has been delivered to different regions across NSW, and so the required specifications on each water cart are slightly different.

Mack Trucks -

16,000Lt water tank mounted on a Mack Granite 8x4 500HP chassis.

The larger Mack cab-chassis allows for a larger tank capacity, and also features three custom aluminium tool boxes for equipment storage.

Isuzu Trucks -

14,000Lt water tank mounted on an Isuzu FXZ 240-350 chassis.

Whilst this build has a slightly smaller payload capacity, the Isuzu water cart has the additional feature of an industrial grade electric driven water cannon.

Shared Features -

It would be hard to miss the signature bright orange paint finish that is shared by all three Transport NSW builds. Our aluminium water tanks are painted by Allquip professionals in our onsite paint booth.

The spray features on these builds are nearly identical. Each water cart has three rear fan sprays and heavy-duty hose reels. A unique feature of these particular builds are the two pressure spray bars (with 25 v-jet nozzles on each bar) mounted at the rear of each vehicle.

A notable safety feature included in our Transport NSW builds are the tank access systems. The hi-vis yellow gantry/stairs have a fold away ladder and provide safe access to the top of the aluminium water tanks.


Head to our media hub to see the Mack 16,000Lt water truck in action.

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