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Another Tidy Steel Tank Build

We’ve got a newly completed steel tank build that we’re excited to share with you…

Just like all our premium steel tanks, this build is constructed from Australian made 250 grade steel. The pressed square water tank is then finished with a white high gloss, two-pack epoxy paint coating.

Major features of this water cart include:

  • 15,000Lt total tank capacity with funnel, hydrant, and self-fill options.

  • Advanced stability control with a low-profile tank design, internal baffle walls, and angled corners for surge protection.

  • Quality galvanised pipework and roll groove fittings for full adjustment.

  • Rear spray system with three multi-directional fan sprays.

  • 30m heavy-duty hose with adjustable spray nozzle and manual hose reel.

  • Rear underbody pressure bar with v-jet spray nozzles.

  • Two frog sprays mounted at the front of the vehicle under the cab.

  • PTO hydraulic system and Southern Cross high performance water pump.

For more info, get in touch with our sales team – 1800 620 154.

NEW steel tank video - Available on our website and socials now.

Get a close-up of this water cart’s major features and see it in action!

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