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Keeping Your Local Area Clean and Safe!

We just finished building this new Pressure Washer Truck that will be put to work cleaning the local council area of Canada Bay, Inner West Sydney.

Designed for everyday maintenance tasks, this cleaning truck is proven to quickly and effectively sterilise high traffic public areas. Ideal for general washdown in and around bus stops, train stations, playground equipment, shopping malls, park benches, and public toilets.

This tray top truck is fitted with a 1,500 litre polyethylene water tank and a hot wash total cleaning system. The pressure washer hose extends up to 60 metres, with the ability to attach a turbo lance or widepath cleaning head for use in various applications.

Pressure Washer Specifications:

Model: MD215 Silent Pressure Washer

Description: This silent model is ideal for situations where noise levels are required

to be kept to a minimum.

Pressure: 3650 PSI

Volume: 15 LPM

Motor: 21HP Ruggerini Twin Cylinder Motor

Fuel Consumption: 3 – 9.7 L/H

Noise Level: 74 dB at 5M

Water Temperature: 30 – 150 °C

Diesel Tank: 54L

Dimensions: 148 x 86 x 135

Weight: 461 KG

As you can see, this build also features custom stainless-steel cabinets and a slide out drawer for equipment storage. The electrical upgrades include a rear arrow board and hazard beacons to ensure the council crew can safely operate the washdown features of this vehicle.

Keep your local area clean and tidy for years to come with this unique water truck that is designed for everyday council cleaning tasks!

Want to see our cleaning trucks in action?

Head to our website to watch our Pressure Washer Truck video >>

As we are all aware, keeping our local public areas clean and safe is more important than ever.

Get in touch with us for more info about our pressure washer units – 1800 620 154.

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