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NEW Customised Council Spec. Builds

At Allquip Water Trucks, we’ve been busy churning out new water trucks for council departments across Australia. Here are a few recently delivered council spec. builds that feature a range of spray system upgrades offered by Allquip.

As you can see, the three water trucks featured below are constructed with polyethylene water tanks. Our poly tanks are a robust and lightweight transport tank option, providing greater payload with less wear and tear on the vehicle.

Each of these builds have a rear spray system with 3x fan sprays, a spring retractable hose reel, and a hydraulic driven Southern Cross water pump. The added features on these water trucks are customised, from our range of optional upgrades, to suit that council department’s needs.

Volvo FM Chassis

14,000Lt Poly Tank

Packed with extra spray features, this build includes high mount rear batter sprays, a rear v-jet pressure spray bar, industrial grade electric driven water cannon and under-cab front frog sprays.

UD Quon Chassis

16,000Lt Poly Tank

The modular poly tank allows for a larger tank capacity, with top-fill funnel and lids to access each tank compartment. Spray features include an electric driven cannon and front mount fan spray.

UD Quon Chassis

14,000Lt Poly Tank

Surprisingly versatile water truck with under-cab front sprays and a rear gravity/pressure fed v-jet spray bar. The spray bar has upturned ends with side facing nozzles and individual valves.

Interested in learning more about our specialised council spec. water trucks?

Head to our Facebook page for more council build photos…

View more water truck photos >>>

When you need a water truck that meets your metro or regional council specifications, you can rely on an Allquip build to handle even the most challenging tasks. We are a proud member of the National Procurement Network throughout Australia, so you know you can trust the Allquip brand.

If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call >> 1800 620 154.

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