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Steel vs Alloy

Is that water tank steel or aluminium?

It may be easy to spot an Allquip steel tank with a pressed square design, but the differences between our elliptical steel and alloy tanks are much more subtle.

These two tank materials share similarities in shape and size range, so which one should you choose and why? Here’s a comparison between Allquip’s steel and aluminium tank options…



Tank Material

Constructed from Australian made steel plate.

Constructed from marine grade aluminium.

Standard Sizes

Available in 8,000Lt, 14,000Lt, and 18,000Lt.

Available in 8,000Lt, 14,000Lt, and 18,000Lt.

Tank Weight

Steel tanks are built heavy-duty for harsh Australian environments.

Alloy is the lightest weight tank material increasing payload.

Shape Options

Pressed square or elliptical shape options.

Elliptical style to maximise strength and durability.

Tank Stability

Internal wall baffles and angled corners for surge reduction.

Dished end walls and internal baffle walls to minimise surge.

External Finish

Painted in-house with a glossy paint coating.

Also painted at Allquip in a high gloss paint coating.

Colour Options

White as standard.

Can be colour matched to your brand.

White as standard.

Can be colour matched to your brand.

Corrosion Protection

Tank is lined with a polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating.

Corrosion resistant 5083 aluminium material eliminating rust.

What else should you know about our steel and aluminium water tanks?

Your new Allquip steel or aluminium tank will continue to look sleek and professional for years to come. Either tank type is easily refurbished with a coat of paint.

In the long run, alloy water trucks typically have a higher resale value than our steel tanks, which is a direct result of the tank material’s longevity.

Both tank options are premium quality Australian made products that will reliably serve the end-user, even in the harshest operating environments.

When it comes to a tried and tested water tank material, Allquip’s steel tanks have always been a favourite for the traditionalist. In comparison, our aluminium option is newer to the market, but is becoming increasingly popular amongst our government and construction clients due to its increased payload capacity.

So, here’s the test – can you spot the difference?

Need more info - Click here to download our STEEL TANK and/or ALUMINIUM TANK flyers.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, and feel free to comment on our social channels to let us know which tank type you prefer!

- Allquip Team

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