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Why Allquip is Your Trusted Tender Partner

Let us remind you that Allquip is your trusted tender partner for all things water carts.

We have more than 20 years’ experience partnering with local government departments, truck dealers and contractors across Australia to manufacture and deliver quality water trucks.

Our team is proud to say that we specialise in custom designed water carts, and every new Allquip build is made to the end-user's exact specifications.

> Start by choosing what tank type is right for you.

We offer a complete tank range, giving you the choice of Polyethylene, Steel, Aluminium or Fibreglass water tanks.

Polyethylene, steel, aluminium and fibreglass water tank options

> Let us know what truck type and tank size you need.

We manufacture water carts in all shapes and sizes. Ask us about the difference between our water trucks, bulk tankers and slide-in units.

Water trucks, slide-in tanks, bulk tankers and dog trailer water carts

> Do you know about all our spray features and optional extras?

Front & rear spray systems, pressure & dribble spray bars, hose reels & hoses, manual or electric water cannons… there are so many options!

Front and rear spray systems, dribble bars, and water cannons in action

Need more reasons to choose Allquip for your next water truck?

Here is what you can expect from every Allquip build:

What to expect from Allquip - value for price, fast lead times, quality builds and ongoing service

From design to delivery, we have the knowledge and expertise to manufacture your new water truck fast! With the largest purpose-built manufacturing facility in Australia, you can rely on Allquip to handle large orders or deliver with quick turnaround times.

When you need a new water cart, our expert team is ready to help.

Contact us today on 1800 620 154.

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