Mine Spec

Allquip’s mine spec range is designed specifically for the Australian and Papua New Guinean mining sector. The trucks are engineered both to your requirements and those of the mining sector to ensure your receive a truck that fits seamlessly into your fleet.

Features Include:

  • Tank is UV stabalised with impregnated colour to allow for nil maintenance,
  • Subframe galvanised for longevity,
  • Electrical harness built using mine grade wire,
  • Industry standard ROP’s fitted,
  • Wheel chocks, fire extinguisher and first aid kits supplied,
  • Beacon and work lights fitted,


Mine Spec Water Truck

  • Mine Spec Roll Over Protection Fitted

Roll Groove Spray

Spray Configuration
  • 2 x 2″ Batter Spray and 1 x 3″ Center Spray
  • Individually Actuated for Flexibility
  • Range of Spray Heads Available

Fire Extinguisher

Safety Equipment
  • Fire Extinguisher,
  • Wheel Chocks,
  • E-stop Fitted

Pump Options

Pump Options
  • Petrol, Diesel and Hydraulic Pumps Available
  • Integrated Fuel Options Available

Dribble Bar

Dribble Bar
  • 3″ Gravity Fed Galvanised Dribble Bar
  • Removable End Caps For Easy Cleaning

Hose Reel

Hose Reel
  • Manual, Spring Retract or Hydraulic Hose Reels Available


  • Custom Designed Tool Boxes for Hose and Equipment Storage

Top Fill Funnel

Top Fill
  • Water Authority Approved Top Fill for Filling From Council Mains and Funnel for Filling From Standpipes

EXM Cannon

  • Mine Spec Heavy Duty Cannon, Front or Rear Mount
  • In-Cab Position Gauge

Front Sprays

Front Sprays
  • Front Spray for Gutter and Drain Flushing
  • Individually Actuated for Flexibility


  • Safety Access Gantry
  • Fold Down Ladder

Pressure Bar

Pressure Bar
  • 3″ Galvanised Pressure Bar Fitted with Brass V-Jet Sprays
  • Removable End Caps for Easy Cleaning


Truck Lighting
  • Traffic Authority Approved Lighting and Arrowboard
  • Beacon Mounted at Front or Rear
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