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Servicing QLD & NSW with quality water trucks in the construction, mining, government & fluid trans sectors!

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Our civil construction trucks are designed to withstand the rugged environment they operate in to ensure you receive a truck that will spend more time on site.

  • Engineer Approved Subframe – galvanised for longevity
  • Tank Sizes from 4,000Lt to 15,000Lt
  • Fully Baffled using the Ball Baffle system to prevent surge
  • Custom Design to ensure truck meets your requirements

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New 'Hire Ready' Water Trucks

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13,000L Water Tank

Whether you work in the Government, Civil Construction, or Mining sector you need a truck that will meet the challenging conditions of the industry. Allquip Water Trucks has the solution! The heavy-duty design and construction of our water trucks ensure that they outperform and outlast the competition, while increasing productivity and helping to ensure a safer work environment.

  • Extensively Tested – Allquip puts all trucks through a rigerous testing process to ensure all parts and components are working properly.
  • Load Distribution – CAD drawings and load distribution software is used in the design process to ensure the tank is placed correctly for optimum load distribution.
  • Flexible installation optionsTruck mounted tanks are engineered in order to attain correct axle weight distribution tailored to any truck specifications.
  • Easy maintenance  For quick and trouble-free maintenance, our systems feature bolted-on components and conveniently located external water ways.
  • We’ve go the tank material you need, with a choice from high-impact Polyethylene, premium Steel or heavy-duty Fibreglass.
  • Suitable for Potable water and dense and corrosive liquids,
  • Frames and pipe-work are hot dip galvanised to counterpart the incredible lifespan of the tank,
  • Custom spray configurations,
  • Diesel, Petrol or Hydraulic Pump options

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Our Water Trucks are trusted by equipment hire companies across Australia, as we offer:

  • Hydraulic circuit protection (keep your trucks safe) 
  • Low downtime 
  • Australian made tanks 
  • Hire ready, all controls labelled and ready 
  • Mining specified

About Us

We specialise in the manufacture of water trucks, tankers and slide-in units,with more than a decade of experience in the industry our team have the technical skills and manufacturing flexibility to enable us to design and construct a solution for any liquid handling requirement. Customer’s who understand our competences know that we are not an off the shelf company. We are a business partner that designs and constructs products to clients’ specific requirements.

Our trained sales and design personnel take the clients application into consideration at every stage of the design process to ensure our solution aligns with the clients’ desired outcome.

Our Process

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Once your order is placed our maximum lead time is 2-3 weeks to have your water truck delivered.

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Designed & Manufactured in Australia

Need a custom water truck?

Our Water Trucks can be built to your unique specs ensuring you receive a truck that fits into your fleet. 

Fit for purpose high-performance Large pump flows and pressure

Hook Lift

Slide-In Water Tanks For Trucks

Dog Trailers

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New Hire Ready Water Trucks

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Poly Tank Water Truck

Poly tank features: 

  • Poly tanks are a lightweight transport tank option, providing greater payload with less wear and tear on the vehicle. 
  • Made from full recyclable, environmentally friendly material. 
  • Fully ball baffled to counter water surge during transportation, giving exceptional stability at all times. 
  • Poly tanks will never rust, even when used continuously for polluted or acidic water. 
  • Even in the harshest environments, poly tanks do not crack, buckle or tear. 
  • No need for spring and pivot mounting systems as poly tanks flex with the vehicle. 
  • Poly tanks never need external painting or an internal lining. 
  • Choose from a massive colour range and make sure your new water tank represents your company brand.

Standard tank sizes: 
1,000Lt – 15,000Lt Single Cell Tanks
8,000Lt – 32,000Lt Modular Tanks

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Steel Tank Water Truck

Steel tank features: 

  • Steel tank outer shell with pressed rib sidewalls for additional strength and weight optimisation. 
  • Steel tank floor with market leading full-length sump for complete tank drainage.
    Advanced stability control; including low
  • profile tank design with internal baffles and angled corners for surge protection and stability. 
  • Crossway tank baffle walls to minimise front and rear water surge. 
  • Longitudinal baffle walls full length of tank to minimise sideways water surge. 
  • 2x Suction hose storage holders along the full length of tank. 
  • Auto pump prime box to suit pump system. 
  • Mounted on vehicle via heavy-duty spring tank mountings to allow for chassis flex. 
  • 3D CAD design and Trailer WIN used to ensure tank strength and axle weight distribution is perfectly balanced. 
  • Two-pack epoxy paint system with topcoat white paint finish on the outside. 
  • Adjustable built-in overflow system to adjust steel water truck capacity to suit different cab chassis’ or reduce the capacity for on-road use or increase capacity off-road use.

Standard tank module sizes:

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Fibreglass Tank Water Truck

Fibreglass tank features: 

  • Tank mounted to galvanised steel subframe for ultimate rust protection. 
  • Fully baffled to control liquid surge and sway with sectional drains through all compartments for automatic self-draining. 
  • Chemical residues are easily flushed out. 
  • Heat reflecting white gelcoat finish keeps internal temperatures to a minimum. 
  • Black internal linings make the tank light-tight, preventing algae growth and chemical degradation. 
  • Manufactured by an Australian company with over 40 years’ experience.

Standard tank sizes: 

Designed & Manufactured in Australia

         Allquip was fantastic to deal with. The after-sales service is 

second to none.

Simon Hull - Business Owner


Allquip was fantastic to deal with. The after-

sales service is second to none.

Simon Hull - Business Owner


          We've had a relationship with Allquip for the past 12 or so years. 

The fact that the family is all involved in it, I think gives you knowledge 

that the business will be around for a long time

Ken Blundell - Fleet Sales Manager


We've had a relationship with Allquip for the

 past 12 or so years. 

The fact that the family is all involved in it, I

 think gives you knowledge that the business

 will be around for a long time

Ken Blundell - Fleet Sales Manager