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Choose from our complete water tank range, including Polyethylene, Steel, Aluminium and Fibreglass...

All our water tanks are available in a variety of sizes, come with a warranty for peace of mind, and are fully ball or wall baffled to counter water surge during transport.

> Polyethylene: Our range of poly water tanks are made from lightweight recyclable material and are a very economical water cartage option.

> Steel: Allquip steel water tanks are constructed from Australian made 250 grade steel, and finished with a white high gloss, two-pack epoxy paint coating.

> Aluminium: Our range of aluminium water tanks are constructed from marine grade aluminium providing high resistance to corrosion and exceptional payload capacity.

> Fibreglass: The fibreglass water tanks used in Allquip builds are manufactured by an Australian company with more than 40 years’ experience.

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