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Bulk cartage water tanks up to a massive 45,000Lt total capacity.

When you need to transport more water for longer distances, you need an Allquip bulk water tanker. Our large cartage tanks are often required in regional areas where water sources are scarce. Constructed with a low centre of gravity and lightweight design, Allquip tankers deliver more payload.

The heavy-duty construction of all Allquip water carts is even more essential for our semi-trailer tankers. Engineered to withstand the harshest Australian environments, our bulk tankers are built to be more durable with less corrosion. You can rely on an Allquip tanker for the long road ahead.

Allquip have the tank sizes available from 26,000 - 45,000Lt, including modular and twin tanks for large capacity builds. Safety features including gantry access, stairs and platforms are a frequent addition to our bulk cartage tankers. We also offer a complete range of spray systems, water cannons and hose reels, that are purpose-built for your specific end-user requirements. 

  • Extensively Tested - Allquip subjects all builds to a rigorous testing process to ensure the unit is in reliable working condition.

  • Load Distribution - 3D CAD and Trailer WIN software is utilised to ensure the water tank strength and weight distribution is perfectly balanced.

  • Tank Material - We’ve got the tank material you need, with a choice from high-impact Polyethylene, premium Steel, or heavy-duty Fibreglass.

  • Fully Baffled - Ball or wall baffled systems fitted to all our tanks for reduced liquid surge and improved load stability during transit. 

  • Rust Protection - All our frames and pipework are hot-dipped galvanised to counterpart the incredible lifespan of the tank.

  • Pump Options - Choose from a range of Diesel, Petrol or Hydraulic Pump options.

  • Spray Systems - Custom front and rear spray configurations that are designed with the end-user specifications in mind.

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Choose your tank material to be directed to the tank specifications.

Polyethylene   |   Steel   |   Aluminium   |   Fibreglass 

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We've got all the features you need in your next water tanker!

Beyond our standard tank and frame assembly, we offer various optional inclusions that provide you with a complete water truck solution. 


Optional Inclusions:

  • Front & Rear Sprays

  • Pressure, Dribble & Drop Bars

  • Electric & Manual Water Cannons

  • Diesel, Petrol & Hydraulic Pumps

  • Hose Reels & Hose Sets

  • In-Cab Controls & Radio Remotes

  • Arrow Boards & Work Lights

  • Gantry Access & Safety Railings

  • Custom Storage Options

Your Allquip water truck will not only meet all of your unique requirements, but it will be capable of handling even the most challenging tasks.