What Are Water Trucks Used For

Water trucks serve many varied purposes around the world, however in Australia they are primarily used for Dust Control, Road Construction and Irrigation and Potable Water delivery.
Water Truck’s differ from most trucks in that they are designed to carry a moving load not a solid one. As a result the tank sub frame and chassis need to be specifically designed to prevent damage to both the truck and the tank.
Water Trucks come in many different sized ranging from 1,000Lt up to 50,000Lt and are typically fitted with pumps, sprays (mounted at the front, side and/or rear) hose reels, fill points and outlets. Inclusions vary from truck to truck depending on the application of the truck.

Civil Construction
Due to Australia’s arid climate dust management is important both for environmental hazards and the associated risks to people.
Unsealed roads need regular spraying to prevent dust issues while water is required in road construction to assist with soil compaction.

In the mining sector water trucks are used for dust suppression and environmental rehabilitation. Generally trucks used in this sector are off road trucks and are required to meet mine specification standards.

Potable Water
Water Trucks are often used for the delivery of potable water (water that is safe for drinking). This requires a suitable tank that is approved for food grade applications.

Fire Prevention
Water Trucks are used both proactively and re-actively in firefighting. While water trucks are not designed for firefighting themselves they do play an important part in supplying water to fire trucks at the fire front.

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