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In-cab control panel with Allquip Water Trucks brand
Allquip logo mudflaps and frame engraving on water cart
Tipper truck with slide-in tank outside Allquip warehouse


Get in touch with us.

If you've got water truck questions, our team is always here to help! You can shoot us a direct message, or find our contact details below.

We are also available on Zoom for general consultations. Ask for an appointment now.

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1800 620 154
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02 49321522

Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm​​

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Thanks for contacting us!

Contact Details

What happens next?

1. Our team will contact you.

We want to know more about what products you're interested in, so we'll call you to discuss your specific water truck needs.

2. Lets design your build.

Now is the time to discuss all the tank and spray features we have available. Together we will design a custom build for you.

3. We get to work.

After we have completed the design, quote and approval stages, it's time for us to get to work building your new water cart. cart


Find us on Google.

49 Racecourse Road - Rutherford, NSW 2320 - Australia

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