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Hydraulic driven Southern Cross water pump mounted on Allquip water truck


We seek to offer you as much information as possible and always welcome questions

from new and existing clients. The following is a list with a few of the most common queries.
Of course you may have other questions, so please feel free to call us or send an enquiry email.

  • What water cart product is right for me?
    At Allquip Water Trucks we design and manufacture a complete range of water transport products, including water trucks, bulk cartage tankers, dog trailers, slide-on tanks, hooklift units and small trailer tanks. If you're wondering which product will best suits your needs, that will depend on your unique situation, like what industry you work in and what tasks you need to achieve. To get a better idea of what products and features we offer, please contact our friendly team. We'd be happy to discuss your water cart options and help you decide what product is right for you.
  • Can I customise my water cart for my specific needs?
    Yes! You certainly can customise your water cart. Nearly all the products Allquip delivers are custom designed and purpose-built for their specific end-user. We have an extensive range of inclusions, so you can decide what features you need in your next water truck. Front Sprays Rear Sprays Pressure Bars Dribble Bars Hose Reels Water Cannons & More! Click here to discover all the optional inclusions we have available.
  • Which water tank material should I choose?
    With four tank materials to choose from, you might be wondering what tank type is the best option for your next water cart build. Polyethylene, steel, aluminium or fibreglass? Each tank material has certain pros and cons. Depending on the environment you work in and the type of work you need done, there is probably a water tank that is better suited to your needs. Again, this is unique to each end-user. Please get in touch with our friendly team for help deciding which tank type is right for you. You can also compare our different water tanks here...
  • What tank sizes are available?
    Our water tank capacity ranges from as little as 1,000Lt to a massive 45,000Lt. Allquip's standard water truck tank sizes are between 7,000Lt - 18,000Lt. We offer a D-Dust range with smaller slip-on and trailer units starting at 1,000Lt. Alternatively, we also build bulk transport tankers that range from 26,000Lt to 45,000Lt. We have tank sizes available for any application, and Allquip will custom design and build your water cart with a capacity that is specific to your needs.
  • Are there different tank colours to choose from?
    Our polyethylene water tanks have 19 different colours to choose from. Make sure your new water cart is seen and recognised with an Allquip poly tank to match your company brand. Red, blue, green, yellow... we offer a complete colour range for all poly tank builds. Go to our resources page to download your copy of our poly tank colour guide. Click here. All other tanks (steel, aluminium and fibreglass) are finished with a white gloss external coating. We don't currently have different coloured tanks available in these materials. However, we do have various signage and branding options available. So you can get your company logo on the side of your new water truck! Ask our team more about our branding services.
  • Why do water tanks need to be properly baffled?
    A tank baffle system is essential for the stability of your water cart, and helps to minimise water surge during vehicle motion, acceleration/braking and cornering. Water tanks may be ball baffled or wall baffled, depending on the type of tank. Either way, a poorly designed baffle system can be ineffective in stablising the vehicle, and might even shorten the usable life of the water truck by weakening the tank. All Allquip water carts are designed with advanced stability control, including low profile tank designs and internal ball or wall baffle systems. You can trust that our water trucks are dynamically engineered for the long road ahead!
  • Why is tank design and mounting so important?
    A poorly designed tank will almost always result in a heavier and possibly weaker water tank. A heavier tank will lead to reduced payload and decreased profits, whilst a weaker tank is likely to fracture and crack, resulting in unwanted downtime. An incorrectly mounted tank will cause several probelms, including damage to the tank structure, sub-frame and truck chassis. Not to mention, an incorrectly mounted tank would not comply with vehicle regulations. That is why choosing a water truck manufacturer that understands the necessity of quality tank design and mounting is so important. With decades of knowledge and experience behind us, Allquip is the expert many Australian rely on when it comes to water tanks.
  • Why should I use a certified body builder?
    While there are a lot of water truck builders out there, not everyone has the knowledge required to build a unit that will be durable, reliable, and deliver a great user experience. By using a certified body builder, you will recieve the benefits of experience and capability. Allquip has been a specialist water truck body builder for more than 20 years. Our expert team is dedicated to continual improvements in performance, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality products to our clients.
  • Where can I buy parts for my water cart?
    Allquip is here to support you for the long haul, and that includes supplying quality parts and components to our clients! We've got all the spare parts and accessories you need; from fittings and valves, to pumps and hydraulics. Water Truck Parts Online is your one stop online shop for all your water truck parts. Shop now >
  • Who do I contact for repairs and servicing?
    There is no need to look for a service agent... Allquip can service and repair your water cart and help keep you up and running! To book a service please call 1800 620 154 and select option 4 for Customer Service. To download a service schedule, head to our resources page. Click here.
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