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Allquip Fire is Now Online!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Allquip Fire website, ready for 2022!

The first day of summer this year gave us more than one reason to celebrate. While we hope it brings sunnier weather, it also marked the launch of our brand new Allquip Fire website!

We have been working with emergency fire services for some time now, designing and building specialist firefighting water tankers. Now that we have a dedicated Fire website, we can better share our fire tankers with you. We hope you'll head on over and take a peek!


We build our fire tankers with Poly or Alloy water tanks, dependent on the requirements of individual fire departments. On our website you can find a list of tank sizes, plus a full description and warranty info for each tank type. >> more about TANKS There is also a tanker features page, where (yes, you guessed it!) we have listed all the features specific to our bulk water fire trucks. From fire rated hoses and industrial water cannons, to custom equipment storage and built-in fridges, our fire tankers are amongst Allquip's most elite water trucks. >> see all FEATURES


Get more fire tanker info to go! Our new site allows you to download our Fire brochure, which we haven't released anywhere else. This brochure provides a complete overview of Allquip Fire, our firefighting support vehicles, and why we decided to move into the fire industry. In our resources, you'll find links to our Poly and Alloy water tank flyers too! >> go to DOWNLOADS


Looking for fire tanker examples or inspiration? We've included a comprehensive array of photos for both our Polyethylene and Aluminium bulk water fire tankers. Get practically a 360 degree view of our tankers, plus close up shots of the features on each build. >> view tanker PHOTOS We also uploaded our Aluminium Fire Tanker video for you to watch. Stay tuned as we add new content over the next few months! >> watch the VIDEO

We’re excited to welcome you to our new Fire website.
Have a browse >> <<

If you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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