Water Trucks

Whether you work in the Government, Civil Construction, or Mining sector you need a truck that will meet the challenging conditions of the industry. Allquip Water Trucks has the solution! The heavy-duty design and construction of our water trucks ensure that they outperform and outlast the competition, while increasing productivity and helping to ensure a safer work environment.

  • Custom Design – Every water truck is built to your unique specs ensuring you receive a truck that fits into your fleet.
  • Extensively Tested – Allquip puts all trucks through a rigerous testing process to ensure all parts and components are working properly.
  • Load Distribution – CAD drawings and load distribution software is used in the design process to ensure the tank is placed correctly for optimum load distribution.
  • Flexible installation options – Truck mounted tanks are engineered in order to attain correct axle weight distribution tailored to any truck specifications.
  • Easy maintenance  For quick and trouble-free maintenance, our systems feature bolted-on components and conveniently located external water ways.
  • High Grade Polyethylene tanks result in a stronger, lighter, lower centre of gravity tank,
  • Tank is fully UV stabalised with impregnable colour allowing for nil maintenance,
  • Suitable for Potable water and dense and corrosive liquids,
  • Frames and pipe-work are hot dip galvanised to counterpart the incredible lifespan of the tank,
  • Custom spray configurations,
  • Diesel, Petrol or Hydraulic Pump options

Features & Options
Roll Groove Spray
Batter Spray Options
  • 2 x 3″ Roll Groove Mounted Sprays
  • Individually Actuated for Flexible Operation
  • Range of Spray Heads Available
Hose Reel
Hose Reel
  • Manual, Spring Retract or Hydraulic Hose Reels Available
Hose Racks
  • Checker Plate Hose Racks for Concealed Hose Storage
Safety Lighting
  • Traffic Authority Approved Lighting and Arrowboard
  • Safety Beacon at Front or Rear of Trucks
Spray Options
Spray Options
  • Front Sprays
  • Rear Sprays
  • Side Sprays
Parts & Components
Pump Options
  • Petrol, Diesel and Hydraulic Pumps Options
  • Range of Flows and Pressures Available
  • Live Drive or Hotshift PTO for Hydraulic Pumps
  • Custom Designed Tool Boxes for Hose and Equipment Storage
  • Checker Plate Construction
  • Integrated Locks for Security
3" Dribble Bar
Dribble Bar
  • 3″ Gravity Fed Galvanised Dribble Bar
  • Removable End Caps for Easy Cleaning
Top Fill Funnel
Top Fill
  • Water Authority Approved Top Fill for Filling from Councils Mains and Funnel for Filling From Standpipes
  • 3″ Suction System for Filling From Dams and Creeks
Access Gantry
  • Safety Access Gantry
  • Fold-down Ladders for Access to Platform Available
Brass V-Jet Pressure Bar
Pressure Bar
  • 3″ Spray Bar Fitted with Brass V-Jet Sprays
  • Removable End Caps for Easy Flushing
EXM Water Cannon
  • Front or Rear Mount Cannon
  • In-Cab Control for Ease of Use
  • Joystick or Radio Remote Control
Side Marker Lights
Side Marker Lights
  • LED Side Marker Lights
Tank Sizes
15,000Lt Tank4,000mm2,350mm2,120mm
13,000Lt Tank3,600mm2,250mm2,280mm
13,000Lt Low Profile Tank4,000mm2,350mm1,900mm
10,000Lt Tank3,600mm2,250mm1,850mm
8,000Lt Tank3,250mm1,900mm1,890mm
7,700Lt Tank3,250mm1,920mm1,640mm
6,000Lt Tank2,760mm2,000mm1,556mm
5,000Lt Tank2,760mm2,000mm1,400mm
4,800Lt Tank2,340mm1,550mm1,880mm
4,400Lt Tank2,960mm1,450mm1,470mm
3,400Lt Tank2,960mm1,450mm1,230mm
3,000Lt Tank2,340mm1,520mm1,200mm
2,500Lt Tank2,000mm1,420mm1,265mm
2,000Lt Tank2,000mm1,420mm1,070mm
Water Cartage Tank
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