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55 New Builds in the Second Quarter!

Our EOFY numbers are in... And we delivered another 55 builds last quarter!

As we wrap up another financial year, we're proud to say our Allquip team hasn't slowed down over the last quarter. We have built 44 water trucks, 8 slide-in tanks, 2 trailer units, and 1 hooklift water cart between April and June!

▼ Take a look at a few of our featured builds ▼


New Daracon builds with their signature blue branded poly tanks.

Includes a hydraulic water pump and industrial grade water cannon.

Fire Tanker:

Featuring a bulk water cartage tank, custom storage for firefighting equipment, and an electric driven water cannon with radio remote controls.

Transport NSW:

Bright orange painted aluminium water tank, with a huge 16,000Lt capacity. Uniquely features twin v-jet pressure spray bars at the rear of the vehicle.

Fraser Coast:

Large capacity modular poly water tank with top-fill funnel.

Features an industrial grade water cannon operated by a radio remote.

Trailer Tank:

A water cart that anyone can tow. It may be small, but it sure is mighty.

Includes a 2,000Lt poly tank and a Honda petrol pump to power all sprays.

Head to our gallery for more build photos.

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