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Here is our First Quarter Review for 2021

We've had a busy start to 2021 with a total of 52 builds already delivered this year.

Looking back on the last three months, we're happy to say our Allquip production team has been in operating in overdrive. We have already manufactured 30 water trucks, 17 slide-in tanks, 3 bulk tankers, 2 hooklift tanks, and we're just getting started!

▼ Take a look at a few of our featured builds ▼

Port Waratah Coal:

A fully-loaded water cart with front mount electric cannon, underbody front sprays, rear and side mount deflector sprays, and much more.

MidCoast Council:

Three tidy council spec. water trucks designed with functionality in mind. Includes spring retractable hose reels and rear pressure spray bars.

Transport NSW:

Lightweight aluminium water tank provides high payload capacity.

Tank painted in-house with a signature bright orange colour.

Blacktown Waste:

Side facing spray nozzles were added to the front of this premium hooklift tank, in addition to the usual rear spray features and hose reel.


Another quality build with a Daracon blue water tank and company branding. Features an electric water cannon and pressure washer hose.

Head to our gallery for more build photos.

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