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Here is our Last Quarter Review for 2021

We’re at the end of another challenging year, and we are proud to say we have delivered another 49 builds in the last quarter. That puts us at over 200 water truck builds for 2021!

It’s holiday time already?! The last few months have just flown by...

We’ve had an action packed December and made some huge achievements in this last week, finishing the year by delivering the big yellow monster. Yes, our first articulated tanker is done!

In total for this quarter Allquip has built 39 water trucks, 7 slide-in tanks, 2 bulk trailers, and 1 articulated mine truck between October and December.

No wonder our team is ready for a well-deserved break!

▼ Take a look at a few of our featured builds ▼

Hunter Quarries:

No surprise here - our first featured build is our first articulated tanker. The in-house built steel tank holds a massive 30,000 litres. Other than it’s impressive tank capacity, this build is fitted with 5x rear fan sprays, a spring retractable hose reel, and an electric driven water cannon.

Robson Civil:

A very tidy matching set of 14,000Lt trucks! These Robson builds are decked out with front sprays, rear sprays, v-jet pressure spray bars, hose reels, and water cannons. In addition to the spray features, each water truck has the upgraded safety feature of a roll over protection bar.

Coates Hire:

With several new Coates water trucks it’s hard to feature just one. Built on Fuso Fighter cab-chassis, we’ve assembled 7,700Lt and 14,000Lt builds with the standard rear spray set-up. As always these water trucks feature the bright orange poly tank, and/or the Coates branding.

Brycon Civil:

Another square steel tank produced by Allquip, and another water truck absolutely loaded with spray features! With 5x multi-directional fan sprays, 2x under-cab front sprays, v-jet spray bar, heavy-duty hose reel, and electric water cannon. What more could you need?

QLD Earthworks:

This 14,000Lt poly water truck features the drop deck design of our standard products, but also has several premium upgrades. Added safety features include the roll over protection and hi-vis tape. Other notable upgrades include the electric water cannon and black storage locker.

We'd like to give a shout-out to all our partners & clients. 2021 presented us all with a lot of unique challenges, and together we've worked our way through it. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty throughout this entire year.

We look forward to working with you again in 2022!

Head to our gallery for more build photos.

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