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Building the world's best water trucks.

We have been manufacturing dynamically engineered water trucks, slide-in tanks, and tanker trailers for more than 20 years.  Allquip is the trusted brand you know, delivering quality products that you can rely on for the long road ahead.

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AWT_Water Trucks_PC-14000_Side (Small).png
AWT_Slide-In Tanks_Steel Build_Side (Small).png
AWT_Hooklift Units_Poly Build_Side (Small).png
AWT_Water Trucks_PC-14000_Rear (Small).png
AWT_Slide-In Tanks_Steel Build_Rear (Small).png
AWT_Hooklift Units_Poly Build_Rear (Small).png

Everyday water trucks

adaptable to any industry.

Versatile fleet option with

water tanks for existing vehicles. 

Water tanks designed

for hooklift mount trucks.

AWT_Bulk Trailers_White Poly_Side (Small).png
AWT_Fire Tankers_Yellow Poly_Side (Small).png
AWT_Mine Tankers_Articulated_Side (Small).png
AWT_Bulk Trailers_White Poly_Rear (Small).png
AWT_Fire Tankers_Yellow Poly_Rear (Small).png
AWT_Mine Tankers_Articulated_Rear (Small).png

Large capacity tankers

designed to move more water.

Specialist water tankers

for emergency fire services.

Water tankers built to

endure the mining industry.

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Discover our water trucks in action. We have a library of product demos and company info videos for you to watch.

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Download the info you need about Allquip Water Truck's and our complete range of products and services.

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Our gallery is stacked full of completed projects to inspire your next water truck, slide-in unit or bulk tanker.

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Get to know our favourite projects in more detail. Read the objectives, results and testimonials from past clients.

What can we help you with? Get in touch or browse our resources.


We understand that purchasing your new water truck or tank unit is a major investment, so you probably have a few questions. Here we help you find essential info about Allquip Water Trucks and our product range. 

What manufacturing experience does Allquip have?

What are Allquip's facilities and capabilities?

Where can I buy replacement parts for my water cart?

Who do I contact for water cart repairs and servicing?

What do people say about Allquip's products and services?

Where do I find examples of completed projects?

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