Thousands of operators demand durable, dependable water trucks to meet the challenging conditions of their industry and they turn to Allquip Water Trucks for the best equipment.
The heavy-duty design and construction of Allquip’s Water Trucks ensure that they outperform and outlast the competition, while increasing productivity and helping to ensure a safer work environment.

Allquip has developed a Water Tanker Truck that has the capability of having options added or removed as required, ensuring you receive a tank unit that suits your application. With a range of spray combinations, diesel, petrol or hydraulic driven pumps and with new high-tech in-cab functions to control your unique spec, the delivery of solutions by Allquip are limitless.

  • Custom design  Every water truck is built to your unique specs, guaranteeing a perfect usage and unsurpassed performance. We also offer a range of pre-built water trucks for sale. 
  • Flexible installation options  Truck mounted tanks engineered in order to attain correct axle weight distribution tailored to any truck specifications.
  • Easy maintenance  For quick and trouble-free maintenance, our systems feature bolted-on components and conveniently located external water ways.

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