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We have Tanks & Trucks Ready for Assembly Now

Ready to start building your next water truck?

Let's get started!

Step 1: Choose your tank size.

7,700 or 14,000 Litres?

Choose an Allquip polyethylene tank and you won't be disappointed! We have a tank size to suit your needs, with 7,700 or 14,000 litre tanks in stock. Our poly tanks are low maintenance and won't rust, buckle, or tear. With a 15-year warranty on the tank and ball baffle system, you can rely on the durability of an Allquip poly tank.

Step 2: Choose your cab-chassis.

Hino, Fuso, or Isuzu?

We have truck chassis available for your next water truck build! Our stock trucks are ordered based on the models most frequently chosen by clients, so we have several Hino FE 1426, Fuso Fighter 1627, and Isuzu FVZ 260-300 chassis in our yard ready for assembly. Whatever your preference, we have a truck chassis for you!

Step 3: Choose your spray features.

Sprays, Cannons, Pumps & More?

Rear sprays, front sprays, water cannons, spray bars, hose reels, pump options...

And the list goes on! Choose from our premium features, including spray, pump, electrical, and storage options. At Allquip we understand that different industries have unique needs, so we will build a water truck to meet your specifications.

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