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Water Pump Options - Hydraulic, Petrol, or Diesel

Which pump model is right for your water truck??

At Allquip, we use only the highest quality parts in the construction of our water trucks, including genuine brand name pumps and engines.

Our pump options are available with a variety of flow rates and water pressure, depending on your specific spray features and performance requirements.

Let's take a look at our different options...


Southern Cross ISO 100x65-250

Hydraulic Driven Water Pump

Manufactured in Australia, the ISO 100x65-250 water pump runs off a PTO (Power Take Off) system, and is operated by an in-cab hydraulic speed controller. This pump includes a high pressure hydraulic gear motor, and can be combined with a hydraulic oil cooling system, ensuring this pump is a very capable and reliable option for your mining, construction, roadwork, or everyday dust suppression needs.

✔️ Unique close coupled motor assembly for efficient & quiet operation.

✔️ Packed greasing system. No grease nipples or servicing required.

✔️ No engine required, therefore no issues with engine servicing / failure.

✔️ ISO water pumps are reliable & require very little maintenance.

✔️ Performs over 2000LPM with impressive pressure for spray features.

Did You Know...

The Southern Cross ISO hydraulic driven water pump is our

most fitted pump model for new Allquip water truck builds?


Honda GX Engine with GMP Pump

Petrol Driven Water Pump

We supply genuine Honda GX engines fitted with a cast iron GMP or cast aluminium pump. Allquip has chosen the Honda GX series engines because of their known reliability and performance, as well as easy ongoing maintenance. A large number of our water trucks are equipped with a GX200 or GX390, especially if the truck features a secondary water transfer pump or pressure washer pump.

✔️ Honda petrol pumps provide more power with quieter performance.

✔️ Upgraded 18amp trickle charge for better recharging of battery packs.

✔️ Internationally recognised brand with genuine parts readily available.


Kohler KD Engine with GMP Pump

Diesel Driven Water Pump

Kohler diesel engines are air-cooled and engineered with state-of-art air filters to increase durability and lengthen service intervals. We supply Kohler KD engines for their proven reliability, lower fuel and oil consumption, and lower emissions output. Approved for use on Australian mine sites, our diesel pumps are often featured in Allquip mine spec. and civil construction water trucks.

✔️ Can include an integrated fuel system, using the truck's diesel tank.

✔️ Diesel pumps are known to last twice as long as other fuel engines.

✔️ Internationally recognised brand with genuine service kits available.


Head to our Parts Store to see all our water pump options.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team for more parts info.

Call 1800 620 154 and select Option 1 for Parts & Service.

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