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Water Tank Options Ideal for Every End-User

Are you yet to discover our complete water tank range?

For every custom water cart build, Allquip offers a range of tank materials. You can choose from Polyethylene, Steel, Aluminium or Fibreglass.

Different water tank materials: polyethylene, steel, aluminium and fibreglass

All our water tanks are available in a variety of sizes, come with a warranty for peace of mind, and are fully ball or wall baffled to counter water surge during transport.

18,000 litre modular poly tank water truck


Our range of high impact poly water tanks are a very economical water cartage option. The tank is made from fully recyclable material, and there are 19 different colour choices to suit your brand.

Even in the harshest environments, poly will never rust, buckle, or tear!

Pressed square steel water tank slide-in unit with leg set for tipper truck


Allquip premium steel water tanks are constructed from Australian made steel, and finished with a white two-pack epoxy paint system. The low profile steel tank design includes internal baffles and angled corners to ensure advanced surge protection and stability.

Marine grade aluminium water truck with white paint finish


Allquip aluminium water tanks are constructed from marine grade aluminium providing high resistance to corrosion. As an alternative to traditional steel water tanks, our low profile, rounded design aluminium tanks give the end-user exceptional payload capacity.

Heavy-duty white fibreglass tank water cart


Our heavy-duty fibreglass water tanks are manufactured by an Australian company with more than 40 years’ experience. The heat reflecting gelcoat finish ensures that internal temperatures are kept to a minimum, and the black internal linings make the tank light-tight.

We understand that every end-user is operating in a different environment and has unique needs, so you'll need a water tank that can handle the challenging conditions of your industry!

Don't forget to head to our resources page and

download our tank flyers for more info!

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