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A Smart Tank Choice for Your Next Water Cart!

Dusty construction sites, muddy water sources, and unsealed outback roads – these are the environments our water trucks operate in!

Have you ever considered choosing a darker tank colour to counteract these harsh everyday conditions?

One of our government clients made the conscientious decision to have brown polyethylene water tanks mounted on their new bulk cartage tanker. With their regional Queensland location in mind, Barcaldine Council’s intent was to avoid having a grubby looking water cart in their fleet.

But the brown tank colour isn’t the only feature that makes this new build unique. Both the truck and trailer feature onboard weighing scales for every axle group.

Other standard features of an Allquip semi-trailer tanker include:

  • Two polyethylene water tanks with a total capacity of 26,000 litres.

  • 4” rear spray system with three large diaphragm spray heads.

  • Two underbody fan sprays off a 6” rear drop bar.

  • Manual hose reel with 36 metres of hose and an adjustable spray nozzle.

  • Underbody mounted Southern Cross high-performance hydraulic water pump.

  • Three tank fill options; overhead funnel fill, self-fill, and hydrant fill.

  • Two sets of tank access stairs that comply with Australian safety standards.

  • Road train rated tow hitch.

If you’re planning your next water truck build, maybe our Barcaldine tanker will get you thinking outside the box when it comes to your specific needs!

Go with a polyethylene water tank, that will never rust, buckle, or tear, and you can choose from more than 19 different tank colours. Pick something that matches your logo, or a darker colour that can be cleaned less often. Click here to download a copy of our poly colour guide.

Questions?? Get in touch with our team.

We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you might have – 1800 620 154.

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