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Water Tanks Made to Fit Your Existing Vehicle!

Slide-in tanks allow for flexible fleet management, without having to sacrifice the premium features of a custom-made water truck. All our slide-in units are designed as self-sufficient water tanks that are built to suit your specific tipper or flatbed truck.

Available in a variety of tank sizes and materials, all our slide-in tanks come with a warranty for peace of mind and are fully baffled to counter water surge during vehicle motion.

Photo: Premium steel slide-in tank with pressed square shape.

Premium features like water cannons can be added to any of our slide-in tanks. Our range of industrial grade cannons are available in various pneumatic, electric and manual models. 

Photo: Slide-in tank with water cannon & radio remote control.

We offer a wide range of spray systems, pressure/dribble bars, water pumps, pressure washers, and other optional inclusions that are purpose-built for your end-user requirements. 

Photo: Pressure washer pump with hose & lance mounted to slide-in.

Our slide-ins are built with flexible installation as a priority and have the option of self-loading / unloading leg sets. Whether you’re working on construction projects, running a quarry, or maintaining a mine site, you experience a range of conditions that require the most versatile equipment. Developed by Allquip, slide-in tanks are the most versatile and cost-effective water carts available.

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